Tuesday, 3 January 2017

A bad start of 2017

Expectation. It kills. It hurts you. Never expect more from someone. Dont put high expectations on someone. Dont expect they will love you the way you love them. Give and take but dont expect more. Just dont.

By the time I found out everything, I thought that I wasted my 3 years for loving you. For trusting you and for expecting more from you. I never thought that things would gonna be this way. While Im stuck in the middle, either to forgive you or walk away, there were so many thoughts in my mind. They told me to walk away, but for me, what if youre going to change and be a better person? What if one day, I would regret for not forgiving you? What if when I forgive you, we will be better than before? What if and what if keep questioning me. I could just ask them to give their opinion, advice and so on but the actions are on me. It is on me.